When Will I Start Bleeding During Medical Abortion

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Bleeding is termed as the first sign in the abortion process. Consequently, it tells if the process has begun or not and indicates the action of two abortion pills in the regimen of the body. It is required to buy the pills of Mifepristone and Misoprostol online, and have an idea about the actions of abortion process.


Which abortion pill causes it?

Mifepristone and Misoprostol work closely to bring an abortion. The inner lining of uterus further supports a pregnancy by thickening itself. The first drug ruptures the lining, and the implanted embryo is thus separated from the uterus. The embryo cannot develop further.


Mifepristone further functions as an anti-progesterone pill. It acts by inhibiting the hormone of progesterone. Still, none of the actions would be capable of causing bleeding. Mifepristone also acts by preventing the working of glucocorticoids which nourishes the fetus. This further cannot lead to bleeding, although some women might experience spotting. Consequently, the drug can also initiate mild uterine contractions.

Bleeding is seen just after 1 to 4 hours of taking the second medicine of Misoprostol. The misoprostol pill is a prostaglandin, meaning it enhances the uterine contractility. As the uterus is primed by Mifepristone, it goes on with many contractions. Consequently, the result is of severe cramps. Misoprostol further softens the cervix and the contractions work together to push the pregnancy contents outside the body. Furthermore, a ripened cervix eases the process and the contents are flushed out by bleeding.

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