Pros and Cons of Medical abortion

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Every process of pregnancy termination has its advantages and disadvantages. This blog elucidates the medical abortion process while highlighting its pros and cons. There are many women who buy abortion pills and administer Mifepristone and Misoprostol at home. If you look at the reports, the efficacy of abortion pills is high enough to terminate the pregnancy of 99% users around the world.



You can perform it at home:

Unlike the case in surgical pregnancy termination, medical abortion allows you to end your pregnancy at home. The procedure is simple and hence does not require the user to visit a clinic to administer pills. There have been many cases where women feel insecure and uncomfortable to talk about their unwanted pregnancies at a clinic. However, the physician can come to your place and prescribe suitable abortion pills as per the nature of pregnancy and body type.


 Saves Time:

There are many regions in the US, UK, and Europe where abortion is still unavailable to the needy women. Women have to travel miles to get the abortion care services. Since women can easily get abortion pills online at their fingertips, the pills arrive at home without any hassle. This saves a lot of time and money.


Affordable solution:

If you look at the financial perspective, medical abortion is a cheaper option than its counterparts. It is a widely used method by women as it fits their pocket and also saves the traveling cost since they can perform the medical abortion at home.



The side effects of medical abortion :

Like any other method, there are certain side effects of a medical pregnancy termination which a woman must be aware of. The side effects include nausea, migraine, fever, diarrhea etc. which are not permanent in nature. The woman revives from the side effects in a few days only. The after effects do not require any special medication unless the case is severe and intense.



Though the process of medical pregnancy termination is easy, it is a bit painful. The Misoprostol online purchase or bought from the local stores essentially causes the contraction of the uterine lining which results in abdomen cramping and heavy vaginal bleeding. These two after effects are the symptoms of medical abortion being completed and hence every user experiences it after taking the second pill.


However, you can buy abortion pill pack which offers medicines to deal with the after-effects of medical abortion. Apart from ending the pregnancy, it mitigates the impact of painful after effects.

Works only for early pregnancies:

A woman is eligible to perform a medical abortion only if the gestation of her pregnancy is up to 8-10 weeks. At this point, the only the blood clots formed in the uterus and the pregnancy reaches the fetus or the embryo stage only. Any pregnancy with more than 10 weeks gestations must abort the pregnancy through other methods.


Medical abortion is an easy procedure with a few side effects. If you compare all the methods of pregnancy termination, medical abortion is a safer and easier method of ending an unwanted pregnancy

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