Online Medication is the Future of Medical Abortion Care

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Buy Mifepristone online and buy Misoprostol online contain drug combination which helps women safely end the pregnancy. Now, most of the country is allowing the process of buying medical abortion pill from an online pharmacy.


Medical abortion is method affordable and practical for many women who cannot afford to pay for a surgery. Abortion pills are not available in many countries. However, online pharmacies help women buy abortion pills online . It saves their travel cost and the cost of surgery too. Women prefer buying MTP kit online, as it is popular in women for safe termination of an 8-10 weeks pregnancy.

Consulting online:

After receiving the prescription, not every woman can afford to call a doctor home for consulting, but when women buy abortion pills from a safe online pharmacy, such websites also offer after abortion care help. There are many blogs written on the websites explaining each element of the abortion process.

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