Medical Termination of Pregnancy in Canada

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Canada is one such state in the US that has a fairly non-restrictive abortion law. Canada Health Act doesn’t prosecute to any such criminal law for abortion processes. Subsequently, in 1969, the state liberalized the law against the termination of pregnancy. Consequently, one can buy abortion pill online with various effective methods in place in the subsequent state. Currently, the country is doing quite well without any ban on abortion law. Since the past decade, the people over in Canada are into buying abortion pills without any kind of limitations affected in law and order.


History of the Law

The unique and fascinating history surrounding the pregnancy termination in Canada is of one doctor, who was considered as an alone figure in the change of the laws. He was a founding father who is known to be the man behind to unprecedented access to abortion tablets online.


Consequently, as similar to other countries Canada had criminalized the canceling of pregnancy in the late 19th century. Later it was completely banned by the Canadian Parliament in the year 1869, under the life imprisonment act. The statistics of procedures which were performed illegally was a bit high just after the law was passed. Somewhere about 5000 to 6000 women had died because of the attempt of illegal methods.

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