How Many Weeks into Your Pregnancy Can You Do an Abortion

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Medical abortion is meant for early pregnancy termination and not later pregnancy. You can buy safe abortion pills and end the pregnancy if you meet the eligibility of pregnancy gestation. Ideally, physicians prescribe mifepristone and misoprostol if your gestation is up to 8 weeks. They may suggest a surgical abortion for an unwanted pregnancy above 10 weeks


Why do abortion pills set gestation criteria for abortion pills?

Abortion pills have the highest efficacy when they are consumed for up to 8 weeks of pregnancy. The effectiveness may get lowered if the pills are administered for more than 8-10 weeks of pregnancy. In such a case, the abortion remains unsuccessful with increased complications in the pregnancy. Hence it is secured to use the pregnancy termination tablets only when the pregnancy gestation is up to 8-10 weeks.


What are the other criteria for consuming abortion pills at home to end an unwanted pregnancy?


The user consuming abortion pills should not be less than 18. Such a woman’s body may not be strong enough to bare the hormonal changes and they’re after effects.


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