How Does The First Period After Abortion look like

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Medical abortion is the procedure of up to a week or two that involves a two-day dosage of abortion pills. Once the procedure gets completed, women are advised to check the efficacy of abortion pills after 10-14 days. This must not be assumed on the basis of after effects of medical abortion


Do not mistake after-abortion bleeding with your first menstruation:

When you buy safe abortion pills to end your pregnancy, you are likely to receive a drug a combination of Mifepristone and Misoprostol. While abortion pill pack is one of the widely used abortion medication, the options also avail you to buy Mifepristone online or even Misoprostol online. The two pills hormonal changes in your body. In this, the second pill consists of prostaglandin constituents which are taken to initiate uterine contractions in your body.

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