How does Generic RU 486 help for medical abortion

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Generic RU 486 is an abortion pill which is widely used in the US, UK and several other parts of the world as a contributor in the medical abortion process. Women who look for abortion pills online can simply browse various online pharmacies and choose the most decent one to buy Generic RU486. In this blog, we’ll see how the pills contribute to the pregnancy termination process.


How should you administer the pill?

Doctors typically prescribe women to take 200 mg Generic RU486 for the termination of pregnancy up to 8 weeks. You can take the tablet orally with water. It has to be taken as soon as you receive after buying abortion pills online /local stores.


How does Generic RU486 work?

Antiprogesterone is a hormone present in women’s body which causes the growth of the pregnancy. With anti-progesterone constituents present in the pill works against this hormone and eventually stops the growth of the pregnancy within 24 hours.


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