Google searches for abortion pill double since 2004

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The current decade marks the unity of certain processes, one such being the use of certain abortion pills. These have been rising with the advent of technological aspects since the inception of birth control options. The global online searches for the abortion pills record for more than being doubled, quoted by various analytics. Consequently, Google searches have become one of the key analytic domain for such processes. Furthermore, while abortion can still be a complex process, one can safely try to buy abortion pills since procedures have greatly been modified within recent genres of online health and safety.

The findings did also move into countries where abortion processes are far stricter. Surprisingly, they even have been opting for the process, and the greater interest in abortion pills is growing. Following the advent of self-induced abortions, women tend to share medical advice through formulating groups on Facebook and what’s app. Women are increasingly turning into technologies while confronting several legal barriers in the abortion process, specifically in several parts of the globe.

Although one cannot argue that an online platform is the safest abortion method, still the modern phase calls them the “Do it Yourself” method of abortion. What surprises the most is, the countries where abortion is only termed and allowed for saving a woman’s life or even banned have almost ten times higher search interest in comparison to other areas. The interest is further aggravated as one can buy Misoprostol online, and act accordingly without much help from the clinical aspect. Consequently, this goes on to more of a medical process, surpassing the tedious surgical one.


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